I was invited by the Buscofem brand to illustrate the campaign
"Women for Women's Health", which honors four extraordinary women who have made history: Mary Beatrice, Trotula de Ruggiero, Marie Curie, and Rita Lobato.
As part of this project, I had the opportunity to create illustrations for reels that depicted the stories of these remarkable women. Additionally, an illustrated e-book, available for download on the brand's website, was developed to narrate the tales of these women. Moreover, a video narrated by me was produced to showcase the creative process behind the illustrations.
The aim of the campaign was to give more visibility to the stories of these women whose contributions have often been modified, forgotten, or erased over time.

My challenge was to capture and represent the universe of these women and the female menstrual cycles in a subtle and symbolic way, reflecting the essence and importance of their achievements.
It was a great pleasure to collaborate on this inspiring project.
Client Buscofem Brazil
Agency ArtPlan
Producer Flávia Nascimento
Buscofem is a brand of medication that helps alleviate menstrual cramps.
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